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Cosmitopia, A land of fantasy and creativity. In the beginning there was only a hell of a world, the entire world coated with a molten surface and blanketed with clouds of ash. Then an unknown being saw its chance and gave it light, and intelligent creatures, ranging from Flies to Sentient Floating Skulls. In the core of the planet the hellish world was pushed down, being forced not to change, it decided to rebel against the world. A huge war was fought, resulting in the deaths of millions. Once the mourning, pain, and despair left the stage, a renaissance began, with new creatures evolving from their pasts to become more powerful than they were before, thus making the planet a much more hostile environment, which in turn lead to new advances in technology. With said advances in technology, a new age began with steam powered airships and Mach speed transportation "HOIK!" Systems.

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